Fisheye SchoolA first of its kind, Unique vocational Course in India

INDIA has a long coastline of 7,517 kms and the Indian Ocean covers 20% of Earth’s waters. The beauty that exists in some parts of our country’s coasts, needs to be documented and appreciated by us all and shared with the world. It is sad that due to unplanned, reckless developments of coastal cities, the uninformed within the government have failed to protect our coastlines that surround the main cities. India still has some of the world’s most beautiful coastlines and marine environments that are much further away from urban areas.
With this unique course, we plan to showcase our existing beautiful marine environments, protect and revive our degraded coastline. Participants / Students will clearly understand the concepts and methods of Conservation, Underwater Documentary Film Making, Research, Photography, Basic swimming and Scuba Diving.

This course has a combination of classroom sessions and intensive yet fun filled field work, designed to introduce participants to other marine environments such as lagoons [in Goa], mangroves and marine protected areas in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Participants will learn through theoretical and practical exercises on how the environmental and biological factors interconnect to sustain these marine ecosystems. With these combined skills, the participants’ will feel empowered to document the marine beauty of our Nations wealth as well as take on issues that India’s coastline faces. These niche skill-sets will provide employability with international television channels and NGO’s working to highlight the coastal and marine world. You will be part of the Earth Healing movement.

The Outcome:
The Participant / Student will become a certified conservationist, a Certified Scuba Diver, a Documentary Film maker, an Underwater Photographer and hopefully an adventurist, enjoying Mother Nature’s beauty with access to the underwater environment too.

Duration of Course:

3 Months Intensive
6 Months Spread out.